Thursday, June 17, 2010

The real beginning of Los Angeles graffiti . The Era in Time .

What up ,For all the people who don't know I am SoonOne, yep the rumor's are false ,and so is the lie's , so from the dark must come out the light or for you hard head graffiti know it all's, the truth. I moved to LA in Oct,82 with my mom's and brother Freedom ,to the Mid Town section of LA ,the first thing I noticed was there was no graffiti, I mean not the kind that I was use to, the NY style it was a whole different game all together. I didn't no what it was until my cousin pulled my coat to it ,it was gang 101 you caught on quik, if you knew what was good for you ,between them and the police you alway's kept your lace's tied tight and this was the 80's. In this new jungle I still thrived and did what the fuck I wanna and that's get up, LA had the best's rack's I've ever seen in my life ,so paint was not a problem, finding somebody to go bombing with was but after I started hitting the street's with tag's when I first got out there. I was doing my piece's in alley's because it was hot with cop's and thug's, that was the first time I heard that term , maybe on tv, but not on the street's of NY . I'm dead ass serious,it's 2010 now but back then dude's didn't talk like that in NY. The gang shit didn't hit NY, not the kind of gang's I was use to hearing about in NY in the 70's, Black Spade's,Savage skill's, shit like that ,not the Crip's Or the Blood's but I was a little bad ass kid so I fit right in . I was doing graffiti when most of the so called legend's were in pamper's , you know these guy's couldn't even write there name's right back then your so called legend's had no can control to speak of, but they started the graffiti movement please all the real writer's from the 80's know what the fuck I was about and if not they was hating ass toy's watching me get up and hating like a mother fucker . I here these nigga's claiming that first shit please fool. , talking about how they were influenced by gang graffiti please these nigga's wouldn't even do block buster's scary ass nigga's. Was not writing gang graffiti at all , HA. HA . These nigga's are sick for even opening there mouth and saying some shit like that . believe that , look at there style back then writer's straight biting they asses off but I didn't teach them style , any nigga doing my swirl style are straight biter's them dude's never seen nothing like it in they life only in book's and on t.v. . My nigga Soul one and Dim was the first nigga's doing shit cause they was doing it with me then Legit ,Max,Mike,C Max got 25 to life and Mike,C got killed and these fake ass nigga's got the nerve to say they was putting in work get, the fuck out of here . They saying shit like that now 26 year's later and nigga's sucking up that bull shit . To all those who think I didn't school other writer's much, only a selected few , I school Legit , Risky , Rival , Dim , because they were around, back then there was not that much communication between writer's I never did the yard thing because I did illegal piece's on the street . And every nigga around me soaked up knowledge we was vandal's not role model's ! And all that shit in Dead man's alley that's my shit I was the only one doing piece's in that alley period I did it in that alley because I was alone , in till I got with other dude's like Soulone who was not a graffiti writer but he still went out piecing with me first then Dim and Legit dead man's alley was around the corner from my house on Longwood. I use to rack paint from Sear and Zodie's and go back there and practice my skill's and do what I loved graffiti, you got ta love it to spend your whole entire youth on it.


  1. Yea,you was the truth O.G,you had the game laced and you pushed all city.As
    I recall,you did'nt seem to wanna school to many dudes,select few. Yall lil cuts like deadman's alley and the one behind the carwash on venice and redondo were our holy grail.we looked up to the Young lords. in our efforts to grow into reputable graf artist,we learned from various sources how to earn respect and build skillz.But you were the actual living proof to the N.Y tradition of graf style. Real Recognize Real.M7..

  2. Like i stated in my email to you, I seen your original shit fresh from the can. I tip my hat to you as a young toy writer hanging with SYC all up in Longwood and Saturn St. I remember Mark7 aka Unique tellin me to rack paint from Builders Emporium and we would paint under the Sears Bridge and all that. I see you on your facts to be true. JIMER LTSCrew

  3. Soon One yo! All around king and All out writer! I saw your piece's and thought "how could cat's do that with spray cans"? Homie you taught me more than you'll ever know about what it means to be a true writer!

    Wisk One
    West Coast Artists

  4. Soon One all around king in Los Angeles from the early to mid 80's. He staged a relentless campaign, with innovative styles and can control beyond comprehension in those days. A true inspiration!

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments NUFF RESPECT !